Cyber Security

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Why Cyber-Security

CyberSecurity is one of the best career fields today. The job openings for workers in CyberSecurity is soaring. According to Cyberseek, there are over 300,000 job openings nationwide. In the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater job market they estimate over 4,000 open positions, but the amount of qualified workers is very small. This makes CyberSecurity a perfect choice for a job seeker looking into get into a career with lots of room to advance. Virtually every day there is another story about hacking and cyber attacks. The demand is through the roof for businesses, the armed forces and government bureaucracies–at the local, state and federal levels.

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Cyber Security Certifications

This is what employers are looking for

DOD 8570

What is the DOD 8570 chart and what significance does it have on your career? Many jobs have a legal rule they have to follow: If you are in a position where you might have access to sensitive government information, then you must have at least one of the certifications listed for that role (see chart). Even employers who do no business with the government are now often requiring these in similar jobs.

DOD 8570 chart

Here are just a few of the most popular certifications that meet the DOD 8570 requirements:

Cyber Security Certifications

CompTIA Security+

The most popular entry-level certification

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ training provides an ideal introduction to the CyberSecurity field and also is normally a far better way to start than plowing right into an advanced cyber-security program. With Security+, you’ll develop a powerful foundation of knowledge to start off– helping you advance your career in the months as well as years to come. This also meets the DOD 8570 requirement for IAT Level II and IAM Level I.
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CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner


CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification training can prepare you for an advanced career in CyberSecurity. This certification is intended for professionals who have the expertise and skills required to create, devise and set up secure solutions. The CASP+ certification also meets the requirements for DOD 8570 IAT Level III, IAM Level II, as well as IASAE I and II.
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Certified Ethical Hacker


Certified Ethical Hacker training teach you to stop hackers by learning how to act like one. The CEH training places you in an interactive environment where you will learn how to examine, test, hack, and guard your own systems. You will learn how infiltrators escalate privileges and what steps can be taken to guard a system. The CEH certification meets the DOD 8570 requirement for these positions: CNDSP Analyst, CNDSP Infrastructure Support, CNDSP Incident Reporter, and CNDSP Auditor.
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Certified Information Systems Security Professional


The CISSP certification is a world-wide recognized Cyber-Security certification overseen and conferred by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, also known as (ISC)2. This is likely the most desired certification for CyberSecurity management positions. There are two leveles, CISSP Associate and CISSP. To get the full CISSP certification, you must meet the experience requirements. Both the CISSP and CISSP Associate meet the DOD 8570 requirements for IAT Level III, IAM Level II and III, as well as IASAE levels I and II
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